Her Space


Concept :
Series of paintings I did for women to explore and express their inner realities .

It was part of my study in Japan I was mainly interested in :

  • Appropriation of traditional and cultural motifs.

  • Shifting Borders between cities, identities, societies and cultures.

-Observing and reconstructing new meanings based on the way things might appear to us when set out of its usual context.

-Create art works overlaid with the contour line of experience ( mainly my encounter with the other)

  • Visualizing inner spaces into which people might reside and refuge.

In this series of paintings I tried to go beyond facial features and imagine the kind of space we keep in our heads . Painting was more of an adventure . I tried to visually interpret ,and give concrete form to my impressions , my encounter with the “other” . Inspired by the way space is being constructed in Japanese gardens and the way rocks are arranged in contemplative compositions to generate images and record life experiences I was very careful about the way I articulated my elements / signs on the surface of each painting .
Figures are usually represented ,contained within a cube or any other alternative space .. for example a bottle . The idea first came to me when I was painting a traditional Japanese doll standing in her glass box . I thought we were sharing the same space, the space in which we were standing together ( the atelier , the building , the city ,the world…) . However within this huge endless space the doll managed to keep her own little one . Same thing can be applied to human beings .Wherever they go ,they are moving with little space in their heads . A space in space .A space keeping them apart from the outside happenings and scenes in flux, constantly changing beyond their private territories.

مجموعة من اللوحات التى حاولت بها تجاوز ملامح الوجه البشرى للتعبير عن العالم الخاص الذى يحتفظ به

كل منا بداخله . مع كل بورتريه كنت أشعر ببداية مغامرة .. محاولة إكتشاف الآخر و التعبير عن كل

تجربة بما يتناسب معها من عناصر و حلول تشكيلية .

تراءت لى الفكرة أول مرة عندما كنت أرسم عروسة يابانية تقليدية تقف فى صندوقها الزجاجى الشفاف .

ظللت أرسمها لأكثر من شهرين اتطلع إليها بشكل يومى حتى تجسم لى الوضع التالى : أنا و هى كلانا يقف

فى نفس المرسم ذلك الفراغ الكبير الذى يجمعنا . بداخله تحتفظ العروس لنفسها بمكان أصغر ..مكان خاص

تتواجد من خلاله معى و مع الآخرين.

لما شعرت اننا نحن البشر نسلك نفس السلوك – نصطحب إينما ذهبنا عالمنا الخاص ؛ صندوقنا الشفاف الذى

.نطل عبره على الآخر – بدأت فى تطوير الفكرة حتى خرجت فى صورة الأعمال المعروضة -